Ice is temporary,
the experience isn’t.

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Types of Ice


Functional Ice

Beyond amazement, the surprise is that each of these items can actually be used by you and your guests since they have a practical purpose.


Decorative Ice Products

Oh the bewilderment upon taking a close look at an ice sculpture! Imagining the planning, the workmanship and the patience that goes into creating each sculpture keeps people guessing and makes the event memorable


Logos or Numbers in Ice

Enhance corporate events by having your logo either etched into ice, frozen into ice, or carved out of ice! Also works well for personal celebrations, fund raisers and other events where you want to share a brief message


Group Activities with Ice

Be part of the creative process! Enjoy hands-on activities and see how cool it is to work with ice—or simply observe our master artisans transform a block of ice into ice art.


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