Q. How much does Ice Art cost?

  • Our ice sculpture cost breakdown by category is as follows:

  • Centerpieces cost $35 and up

  • Shot luges cost $100 and up

  • Custom tube luges cost $325 and up

  • Single block carvings cost $300 and up

  • Half block carvings cost $175 and up

  • Logos cost $300 and up

  • Ice bars cost $850 and up

  • Delivery is free

  • Large ice cubes (2.25” X 2.25”; case of 64 cubes) cost $40

  • We can provide an exact cost per your order request and requirements.

Q. Where do you get your ice?

We manufacture our ice. We have specialized Clinebell machines that are designed to make crystal clear blocks of ice. We triple filter our water and put it through a reverse osmosis system for quality assurance and to ensure its purity. Each machine makes two blocks at a time, and it can take 3- 4 days to convert water into ice blocks.

Q. What are the dimensions of an ice sculpture?

We start with a 40” x 20” x 10” crystal clear block of ice which gets cut and shaped as we carve. Most designs such as swans, dolphins, saguaro cactus, palm tree, and corporate logos are carved within these dimensions. Multi-block pieces vary in size and use two or more blocks. We can make an 80 inch Ice Bar using four blocks. We can even make multi-block ice walls…with objects frozen into them!

Q. What tools do you use to make a sculpture?

Arizona Ice Art’s sculptures are all hand made. Our primary tool is the chain saw. Other tools include chisels, routers, disk sanders, tape measures and a blowtorch, with special attachments as needed.

Q. How long do Ice Sculptures last?

It depends on the design of the piece and whether the sculpture is placed indoors or outdoors.Indoors, a full block piece may last 4 – 5 hours before starting to lose its detail. If it is an outdoor event it is recommended the piece(s) be placed in a covered area (and out of direct sunlight).. Wind can accelerate melting so always protect the sculpture from wind.

Q. What must I provide to display the ice sculpture?

A single block ice sculpture can weigh almost 200 lbs. A sturdy 4’ or 5’ table will be adequate for most setups. Although we can provide battery operated LED lights, access to a nearby electrical outlet may be necessary if specialized lighting is desired. Our sculptures will be placed on a drainage base that will drain into a container under the table. It is recommended that a tablecloth is provided to conceal the drainage container.

Q. Can I pick up my own ice sculpture?

Yes, and you can also get a discount! We do pack the sculpture in a cardboard box, and place padding on the inside. You will need a blanket and a couple towels. Covering the box with blankets will help the ice stay cool and protected during the ride. Since an ice sculpture is slippery and fragile, wrapping the towels around it will provide a better grip when you remove it from the box. An sculpture can weigh 175 to 200 lbs, and it is recommended that you have at least 2-3 strong people to carry it. If you have access to a hand truck, then you can wheel the sculpture around as long as you secure it. We are happy to lend you a drip tray for your set-up.

Q. Do you go to all the best parties in town?

Oh YEAH!! We love parties and party goers love us!